Please note this is the correct draw, not as printed in Fixture Books



1st Rd 13 June 2nd Rd 25 July Q/F BY 12 Sept SF & F 10 Oct
 Kings Arms  Kings Arms  Dart Vaders   
 Cockney Rejects  Dart Vaders
 Dart Vaders
 Wanderers  Wanderers  Wanderers
 The Brace
  S.O.S.C.  Thorpe Clangers
 Thorpe Clangers
 The Archers  The Archers  FC Arrows   
 Comrades Club
 Pullmans  FC Arrows
 FC Arrows
 Three Jays  No Bulls Hit  No Bulls Hit
 No Bulls Hit
 The Kings  The Kings
 Out For a Laugh
   Breakaways  Reformers  
   Black Bull  Black Bull
   A Team  A Team  
   Shunters  Shunters
   Dilly Dillys